Zoo animals in pinks easy cot quilt out of panels

Have you noticed how babies seem to come in certain month? Or is it just those that I know of? There was another bundle of joy due a month or so after #18. This time we knew it was a girl so I was thrilled as I already had this one ready for the next girl. easy cot quilt.

In fact this quilt was a ‘ready pack’ I bought that included all the material I would need for the front of the quilt. However as my ‘theme’ is ‘easy cot quilt’ I changed the design to suit my needs and removed a lot of the  other materials.

See the squares with zoo animals in them?   Well these all came on a panel. So I cut each square out, added a border and then the centre and top/bottom material.  I wanted the panels to stand out and not be cluttered by too many other colours.

Tip: look out for panels you can cut into individual pieces and then add strips to separate them.  The possibilities are limitless.


Detailed view of this easy cot quilt

Here’s a closer look at a few of the panels. You can clearly see the dark pink border around each animal square and the 2 horizontal panels on each side of the central panel. I could have made those narrower and added another 2 horizontal panels but I choose not to this time. I felt this was enough. But then that was my choice at the time, your imagination/creativeness may choose differently and that’s great!

It’s all about inspiration – you see something you like and then you apply it, with a few ‘tweaks’ and ‘voila’ it’s different! And that’s what it’s all about!