Single bed quilt

It was with great joy that I embarked on a single bed quilt for my granddaughter Charli!   I had decided to use Aneela Hoey’s sherbet pips design as I had some fat quarts in my stash which Charli liked.  I also wanted to try my hand again at the flying geese design.  I thought it would make a nice feature as a centre block for the quilt and then I could put as big a border as needed.


Design your single quilt using quilt software

The great thing about a quilt software is that you can download pictures of the fabric and use them when creating your design.  This gives you a much better feel of what the final single quilt will look like.  I had a few night of fun working out the pattern but with the help of Anita and Charli we all agreed on the final design.  The only problem I had with the software was that it doesn’t do a good job at estimating how much fabric you need.

By the time I got the quilt sewn together it was looking huge although I had used the measurements given to me.  There was no way I was going to be able to hand quilt it so she could use it over winter.  It was the size of a double bed – but does the trick of hiding all the ‘stuff’ under her bed!

I ended up finding Bev, from “Be My Ballantyne Quilting”, who is a machine quilter and as luck would have it she could fit me in the following week.  Bev was very helpful with suggestions on design, wadding and colour of the thread to use.  It only took a few days to complete and boy did it look great.  I must learn how to machine quilt, then I could venture onto bigger projects.

This is what it looks like on her bed!

Finishing Charli’s single bed quilt

By the time I got to putting the binding on I decided not to do the conventional thin binding.  What I did was make it a 3 inch binding, all puffed out with wadding to make it really stand out.  Check out the picture at the top of this page, of the quilt on Charli’s bed, showing the backing material and the border.