Elephants in blues and greens easy cot quilt

This next easy cot quilt (number 16) was for my best friend’s daughter who had just had a gorgeous baby boy whom they named Ari.  I had already planned a trip to Europe so had a baby cot quilt to take with me when I caught up with them.

Easy cot quiltI can’t tell you how lovely it is to make a quilt for someone you love.  It just makes it so special!

So once I got to London I took a train down to Brighton to catch up with new mum and gorgeous boy!  What a special day that was!  I can’t remember the last time I went to Brighton – I had such fun.  We went for a walk around the town until it was time for me to catch the train back to London.

I digress… this is an easy cot quilt design that is easily made into different sizes.  In fact it’s the same design I used on the throw I made my mother in law.  It’s an easy design to alter to fit any size you need.  It’s made up of 3 different block and a long narrow strip between the three larger blocks.

This is why I like to use graph paper to make the design as if you use the squares on the paper you can then decide is 1 square is 1 inch or 2 inches or more or less.  And of course you can add more columns if you want to make a throw or a single quilt.

Easy cot quilt backing material

FEasy cot quiltor the back I used a check design which blended in with the overall colour scheme.

With my first lot of easy cot quilt I used to use white as the material for the back but since then I have moved to coloured backs which I much prefer.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this particular easy cot quilt and am sure if you decide to use this design I’m sure you’ll repeat it a number of times like I have, as you can see in number 17.