Easy cot quilt #10 – baby elephant in pink

Am very excited, a new baby in the family, Lux Bella. What a pretty name! Will have to enter her into the family tree, but suspect she’s my cousin 3rd time removed or whatever the correct terminology is.

I’ve had the quilt ready for a while and was just waiting for the name to be announced before finishing off with the label and off in the post.

I was glad I’d been told she’d be a girl so I could have a tad more pink in it than the other baby elephant quilt.

Making them for family and close friends gives me an immence amount of pleasure.

How I put it all together:

  1. I decided on the design by drawing it onto graph paper.  That way I had a visual of how it might look.  It’s not infallible but it’s a good way to start if you’re a visual person.
  2. I drew the elephant on a piece of paper and then cut a stencil from that on to clear plastic.  This way I can use the same stencil a few times.  Your can have the elephant facing different directions to make each quilt slightly different, although the material will provide that.
  3. I then blanket stitched the elephant to the white backing material and  added the ball, ear and tail.
  4. Next I machine sewed the rectangles together as well as the pink strip going across the quilt.
  5. Then the final plain pink strip and the edging.
  6. The border material came next.
  7. Time to tack the front, wadding and backing materials together before starting the quilting process.  I like to do this by hand using the Perle thread – it’s just relaxing!
  8. Lastly time to put the edging on.  Wait for the birth and add the label to the back.