Pink cot quilt for a girl

A close girlfriend was about to become an aunty.  She commissioned me to make a quilt, having been through some of my quilt journeys to date.  So having come up with the elephant I was keen to use it again.  Off to my favourite quilt shop!!! and after a bit of deliberation we came away with the material.  I must say I just love the simplicity of using so few colours.  It really makes an impact.

I just loved this design I came up with and the material. It had a sort of shiny finish and was great to cut and machine sew.  However when it came to hand quilting it was another thing altogether.  This easy cot quilt was hard to hand quilt  because it was quite a bit thicker than the usual cotton, so when it came to quilting it, let me tell you it was hard going and my nails suffered.


easy cot quilt in pink and white

easy cot quilt


For the back we chose a contrast….. isn’t it fabulous?

easy cot quilt

back of easy cot quilt 11


Design for this easy cot quilt

For this easy cot quilt there were 5 different materials:

  • The pink and white stripes
  • The pink with white polka dots
  • The red and white for the elephant
  • The pale green used on both borders and the elephant ears
  • The green and white for the back.

The block were 3 and 1/2 inch squares – which was nice and easy to cut.  I didn’t worry about having all the striped material the same.  I just cut along each strip as it was.  The inner pale green border was 1/2 inch finished.  The outer border, also pale green, was cut in 2 1/2 inch strips.

Easy  cot quilt in pink & white

Easy cot quilt in pink & white

The elephant in the centre panel, I drew by hand.  You could just fill that area with the stripes/polka dot fabrics or come up with your own ‘signature’ motif.  I hope you enjoyed this easy cot quilt.  Check out easy cot quilt 12