My lovable great niece moved to a single bed and in celebration of the event I made her a single bed easy quilt.  I had bought some beautiful Japanese fabric at a quilt show many years ago and was keeping it for a special quilt.  What better use than for this quilt.

Easy quilt with rabbits and cranes

Now with a single bed quilt you are looking at three times the size of a cot quilt so I still wanted to go with my theme of keeping it quick and easy.  Although when I had bought the initial fat quarters I thought I’d have enough, now with a few years of experience behind me I could see I had creams and whites – which I don’t like together.

I drew up the design I wanted, using simple square to best show off the beautiful Japanese fabric.  However I didn’t have enough material.  The original people I’d bought from were no longer in business so I started a search on the internet.  Luckily I came across a store called Japanache who had the same series of material.  I contacted the people and they were incredibly helpful once I explained what I had and needed.  They helped me make a final selection that ensure what I purchased blended with what I already had.

Cutting and sewing was relatively quick, but then came the hand quilting.  Even though I like to use Perle thread (a thick thread) there was still a lot of quilt!

Easy quilt – finishing touch

I also realised I had a lot of navy on the quilt and although Ruby had asked for blue I found it a bit dark – how best to liven it up?  Why not have her name in red?

Easy quilt Japanese fabric rabbits, owls and cranes

I certainly think it livened it up! what do you think?  I’d love you to leave me a comment.

Tips for your easy quilt

I strongly believe that if you have beautiful material you should show as much of it as possible.  In this case the squares where quite large as I had a big project.  You can just change the size of your squares to suit your fabric or the size of your easy quilt.  From 1 inch squares to 4 inch squares or more.  Play around by drawing up a pattern on graph paper.

I hope you enjoyed this easy quilt design and can use it for your next easy quilt.