Single bed quilt

Another step away from cot quilts came when my great-niece moved into a single bed and requested a new quilt.  I decided to use my Japanese stash that I’d bought at a fair a few years before.  However I didn’t have enough material for a easy quilt for kids.  You just have to love the internet!  Fortunately for me I found Japanache online who were extremely helpful. Read more about this quilt!

Stuffed Elephant

Sometimes I like to take a break from making cot quilts and make other things such as easy quiltsquilted throws, burp cloths or even stuffed animals.  Hellyphant – this was a cool pattern I found at my local quilting shop, designed by Melly & Me.  They have some great patterns of all sorts of animals.  I see they have tortoises now – very cute!   It’s easy to make and not too fiddly and a great way of using up scraps for the ears and the saddle.