My venture into felting.

This year I have been venturing into felting and thoroughly enjoying it this time around.  My first venture into felting had not left me feeling I would ever be able to accomplish much as, well, my technique needs more practice.  Yes I understand technique is very important but my soul needed letting go and just enjoy the whole process.  I had bought Elizabeth Armstrong’s book on quilting and fell in love with her bright colours and great designs.  By chance  I found her blogspot and added myself to her mailing list and the next minute I was enrolled in a beginners class.

Boy was I blown away! Her studio is to die for, full of inspirational pieces.  I warned her this was my last attempt at using up my stash before saying this medium was not for me!  She smiled and then coaxed all of us into producing our first fabulous piece.  What I’ve worked out is that nothing is right or wrong.  I can cut pieces up and add to others.  I can cut and make into animals…. the list is never ending.

I would never have thought of myself as being able to draw, but she has this amazing ability to bring the best out of everyone.  You come away encouraged, guided and praised!  What a special person she is!  Please check out Elizabeth’s blog.

Now that I’ve started on this new hobby I want to see how I can incorporate it into my quilting.  However I still need to perfect my felting but can already see applique animals in felt, maybe even 3d animals… who knows.

Join me on my adventure into felting ….

I’ve just finished these 4 birds, ready to mail off tomorrow to my brother.  Hope he’ll love the bright colours!