My first foray into machine quilting.

I’d like to share with you some of the problems I’ve experienced whilst trying to work out the quilt pattern I wanted to use on this project.  Haven’t started the sewing yet.

  1. What pattern to use? Keeping in mind I want it simple as I am using the machine to quilt for the very first time so I don’t want it to be hard.
  2. Once I’ve chosen the pattern how to make it fit the quilt?  Why you may ask? If you’ve ever bought a template you may have found that you need to ‘tweek’ it as it’s either just a bit too short or too long to fit the length you need.  I haven’t had great results with ‘tweeking’ so far.

The picture is the quilt that I want to machine quilt.


Patterns for machine quilting

My son J was over on Sunday whilst I was trying to work out what to do.  He commented that outlining the tiny elephants on the striped material would be more interesting than straight lines.  He also helped me work out, as an alternative, how to work out the diameter for circles to fit in that space.  But the tiny elephants appealed so that was easy as I already had the design.

Next the pink and white dot border – what to do here?  Circles would be too ‘rigid’, but a chain would be nice.  Love the triple chain designs but I want this to be simple for my first attempt.  So last night I spent hours and hours surfing on the web trying to find stencils, templates, designs etc that I could use.

Tips for me to remember for the next baby quilt.

  • PLAN  my quilt design in such a way that I can reuse the double chain border design I drew.

Sites with great information

World wide quilting page – how to’s.  Article by Susan E Traudt.  Main site url.

A lot of my easy cot quilt designs lend themselves to machine quilting – you can check them out on my Gallery page.