Hand quilting your cot quilt

So now you’ve got all 3 layers tacked together you are ready to start sewing the pieces together. You have many options to choose from:

  1. Hand quilt in the traditional method.  This will give your quilt a fabulous finish but it’s labour intensive.
  2. Hand quilt using Perle  8 thread .  This is my favorite method.  I love to hand stitch and it allows me to be creative in my designs not only with the pattern but also with the colour of thread I use.
  3. Machine quilt.  I haven’t done this before but am about to try this method for the first time.
  4. Send it out for professional machine quilting.  I highly recommend this for anything bigger than a single size quilt unless you have a quilting sewing machine.  My old trusted Bernina just can’t do them.

Hand quilting using Perle 8 thread.

At this stage if I haven’t already got an idea of what I’m going to do I hang the quilt up and look at it for a while and try and visualise what my idea might look like.  Painful – well yes sometimes, but as I generally stick to straight lines I usually work it out.  Sometimes it’s clear,  based on the material or the design you did for the top.  For instance with my ‘aeroplane and balloon’ quilt I decided to outline all the red bits (the balloons, red aeroplanes etc).

What you are trying to achieve is to sew a nice pattern that will hold all 3 layers together through the months of hand/machine washing.  With the quilt below, I had to finish it in 2 weeks, so I used the material as a guide and just did boxes around the animals and straight lines in the other sections.

hand quilting cot quilt

party animals

If stuck I’d recommend checking out books, magazines and quilting shops for ideas.

I’m currently in a dilemma.  The current quilt I’m working on is made from a very thick cotton.  Same material used in the red elephant and pink and white squares.  I broke so many nails on that one that I have decided to try my hand at machine quilting.

To come soon – finishing your cot quilt.  Other options to hand quilting your cot quilt is doing a course at your local quilt shop.