Tips on cutting your cot quilt materials.

Ok, now you’re ready for the next step – cutting your beautiful fabric ready to make your cot quilt.

Tools that will make cutting your cot quilt material so much easier:

  • A cutting board, rotary cutter, long ruler. A short ruler, this is optional,  but I find it very handy for cutting short lengths of fabric as it’s easier to handle than the long one. If you plan to make more than one quilt I would advise purchasing these as they make it so much easier and quicker tool.
  • A nice clean and cleared out space, like a big table. Preferably at a height that won’t cause you any discomfort.
  • A pair of sharp scissors.
    Tip: have a few pairs of scissors.  One to only use for fabrics and another for cutting thread. Don’t use these scissors for cutting paper, as they’ll blunt very for cutting your cot quilt

Cutting your cot quilt fabric

My favourite quilt store rips the fabric across the length as opposed to cutting it. Although this can make one gasp, in fact what happens is that the tear is along the grain of the fabric.

It’s very important to cut fabric ‘on the grain’. If it’s not you can end up your quilt loosing it’s shape. What you’re looking for is that the grain of the fabric goes horizontally across your quilt.  What this means is that when you gently pull the two side apart, you don’t want the fabric to stretch.  Let’s assume your fabric has been ripped.

  1. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, line up the top edge and iron.
    Don’t try and line up the selvages ( the outside edges of the fabric). These are woven much more coarsely and are not a true indication of the ‘grain’ of the fabric. (see picture number 1 below)
  2. Line up the folded part of the fabric along a horizontal line on your cutting board. (see picture below)
  3. Line up your ruler against a vertical line on the cutting board and cut a small strip off along the outside edge so that you end up with a ‘clean’ edge.Cutting your cot quilt material
  4. Line this ‘clean’ edge along a vertical line, keeping the folded edge along a horizontal line. Using your ruler, place it along a vertical line corresponding to the width you need to cut. Cut out all the strips you’ll need.Preparing to cut the first strip
  5. Now cut each of those long strips into the final lengths you need.
    Tip: Make sure you cut off the selvages.

The next step issewing your quilt pieces together.

I hope these tips on cutting your cot quilt material has been helpful.