How to make an easy cot quilt

Learn how to make an easy cot quilt with great tips for making an easy cot quilt.  Follow along as I show you how I do it, and you’ll be easily able to see that it’s not has difficult as you may have thought. Also on this site, you’ll find easy cot quilt patterns.

The best advice I was given , a few years ago by a close friend,  was to always carry  a notebook  with you, to jot down your ideas as they pop up.   I can’t tell you how useful that was when coming up with ideas on how to make an easy cot quilt patterns.

I don’t know about you but ideas come at the strangest moment, they can be triggered by what you see or hear, so unless you have something to write on you are in  danger of forgetting what it was by the time you find paper.

How to make an easy cot quilt – Recommendations before buying any material

  1. Do you already have any material you want to use?  If you do then you will need to bear in mind how much material you’ll need for  the overall design.  There’s nothing worse than not having enough material.  You can always use up the scraps which I’ll be trying later on.
  2. Check your notebook.  Have you  doodled a design you want to try out?  Or was it on a scrap of paper…don’t loose it!
  3. Check your books and magazines or go to the library.  Don’t just look at quilting books / magazines but also check out the home design magazines.  Pictures of modern carpet patterns could also inspire you.
  4. Quilt shops are also a great source of books.  My local one also has a huge amount of quilts they have finished or are working on.
  5. Once you’ve worked out what you want as a design,  draw the design onto a sheet of graph paper or if you have a quilting software program use that.  Either way it’s great to check that you’re going to like the overall effect.  Or another way is to draw your ‘sketch’ in powerpoint.   How simple it is to move blocks around.  I’m a visual person so need to see even just a rough sketch.  Sometimes what I sketched months or years ago helps me come up with a slightly different design.
    I do tend to take a shortcut and if I’m repeating the same block I just sketch about the first 4 and then I can generally visually the end effect.  However I do struggle when it comes to the colour at times.  In that case I sketch the whole quilt out and colour in with my pencils.  Much easier on the quilting software!
  6. As you finish a design make sure you store them in a safe spot as it could be a while before you use them.  I tend to store your mine in a plastic folder and write any changes you make as you make them.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this info on how to make an easy cot quilt, and that you’ve found my tips for making a cot quilt easy to follow.

Next topic on how to make an easy cot quilt is:  Selecting and preparing your cot quilt fabric