Aeroplanes and stars and bunny rabbits – easy cot quilts

This is probably the time when I realised that I needed to think about making ‘easy cot quilts‘ a lot quicker than I had been.   Babies were coming in quick succession and I needed to find quicker ways of turning these quilts around.  It was also when I realised that the original 4 to 5 easy cot quilts I thought I was going to make was probably going to end up being more.  How many more time will tell.

Easy cot quilts 5 – fun aeroplanes and stars

I found this great material with aeroplanes and balloons on it.  It seemed a shame to cut it up, so why not try and leave it in the one piece and just have a border and voila a very quick cot quilt indeed.   My challenge here was what design to do for the hand quilting.  I decided to use red Perle and to quilt around the outline of the balloons and the red aeroplanes…it worked a treat.  Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

Easy cot quilts

Aeroplane and bunnies easy cot quilts



Easy cot quilts 6 – bunnies in aeroplanes and cars

I kept the same idea going for number 6.  In fact I’d hardly finished number 5 that I had to quickly put 6 together.  Again I went for a fun pattern I could use and embellish it with some hand quilted stars in white perle.

Easy cot quilts

So if you’re in a hurry and have to make a cot quilt quickly, find a beautiful piece of material.  Maybe team it with a fun border of just leave it as a simple easy cot quilt like the two above.  I hope this has given you some ideas of how you can use the design of the material to make easy cot quilts – the next quilt has fairies in pink.