Elephant in pink, white and green easy cot quilts

On a roll here….! My next 2 easy cot quilts 9 & 10 are on their way.  What did you say?? it’s a girl!! so all green tones wouldn’t really be ok.  My next baby was on it’s way and it was a family baby! Drum roll – big cheers a 3rd cousin or is it 4th…who cares it’s a family baby!!!  Although I still wanted to keep the easy cot quilt idea going, I really wanted to add a little bit more.  That’s when I came upon the idea of an applique elephant.  Ok…I can’t help the fact that at times there are more babies coming into the world than I can cope with or rather have time to make quilts for.

It’s a bit like work, there are highs and lows… Babies come and then there’s a lull.  However at time the lows are few and far between.  Isn’t it wonderful that there always is an abundance of new life coming into the world?  I feel blessed to be a part of this.  Ok I digress…easy cot quilt 9 was for my cousin’s eldest son.  She and I have always been close and I was so happy for her that she was to become a grandmother.

So I started doodling some ‘designs’ and decided to have a baby elephant as the centre focus.  At the time we were not aware of the sex, however when we were told I made a quick dash to my favourite quilt shop and bought a bit more pink in the same range.  Let me unveil easy cot quilt number 9 – baby elephant in pink.

Easy cot quilts elephant

easy cot quilt

Easy cot quilt 9 detial

easy cot quit


Easy cot quilts 10 – baby elephant in green.

One of my colleagues at work was expecting.  You see, I told you, these babies keep on coming.  Not only do they do that, but at so many different levels they ‘touch’ me.  I may never meet these babies but that’s ok.  I get so much enjoyment in the making and the giving.

This next baby was to be a boy.   I had all this green material left over so decided to make a similar quilt but using the greens and blues bits of material.  At this point in time I also decided to have someone make me a baby elephant design that I could use as my banner and eventually hopefully a whole lot more.  So it’s sort of like a signature.

Green elephant easy cot quilts

So here it is for a boy.

Easy cot quilt green elephant

easy cot quilt 10


Which one of these easy cot quilts do you prefer?