My favourite polka dot patterned easy cot quilt with zoo animals

My very first adventure with making an easy cot quilt was when my nephew told me he and his partner were expecting.  This was only days after my dream so you can imagine how I felt.  A quick visit to the Melbourne Quilt Show and a few purchases later I was ready to spend a day working out which one I wanted to try.  I purchased a book, a few patterns, some Japanese material and a silver thimble which fitted my finger and I just love.

The sheer selection at these quilt shows is just amazing.  And the best thing is that they have a quilt exhibition at the same time so you can view some of the most stunning designs created by some amazingly talented people.

Now I have to admit this first easy cot quilt one was not the easiest…but it was the catalyst for working out easier patterns.

Having embroidered a lot in the past I was very happy with all the detail in this first quilt.  What better way to pass long winter nights!  So to put this in context each of the animals was first cut out on a stencil.  This stencil (stiff plastic) was then used to draw the outline onto the material and the double sided velum.  After sticking the animal in position I used a Perle thread and sewed along the outside edge using a blanket stitch.  This was done before all the rows were sewn together, which made it much easier to handle.

One of the problems I encountered was that when you’re looking for a specific piece of material you may not find it.  This can be very frustrating, but you just need to be adaptable.  Think of alternatives, change the colours a bit.  Make the polka dots stripes for instance or don’t use any polka dots.


The next Polka dot zoo cot quilt

Have spent so much time cutting the stencils out and enjoying the hand sewing I used the same pattern a couple of more times.  In this one the animals are in a different order and the colours of the dots have changed slightly.

And the final Polka dot zoo cot quilt

Well they say all good things come in threes… I made a third and last one.  Again with a few variations.  By now I had bought so much material just to be safe for the next one!! But then I found the most amazing quilt fabric on the internet – but that’s a story for another time.

If you’d like to learn more about the history of quilts check out Wikipedia.

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