Yellow, grey and white squares for a simple easy cot quilt

Another close girlfriend was about to become a grandmother for the first time.  Hard when your daughter is in the UK and you’re in Australia.  So I offered to make a quilt.  It was enthusiastically accepted however my girlfriend wanted to buy the material.  Fortunately she’s took a friend of ours with her so instead of just being white and yellow for this easy cot quilt, it ended up having some grey as well.  This in fact helped to give a contrast to the colours and helped them stand out.

As the material was very simple I decided that it needed a very simple design.  Just plain squares.  But having decided on that I was stuck in what order to put them.  In comes the use of a long dining room table.  I had already cut all the squares but was not sure of the layout.  So I laid half the pattern on my table, decided on the centre line and would reverse it from there.  Fortunately I had a girlfriend here at the time of my indecision and we played around with the pattern eventually settling on the final one.

easy cot quilt

easy cot quilt 7 in yellow, grey and white

This material was really great to work with as it had a more open weave than the normal cotton, more like a soft linen  I decided to user the scraps for a narrow and the plain yellow as the binding.  It was such a cool easy cot quilt to put together, I had such fun with it.

Read what Wikipedia has to say on quilting.

So the journey continues with my easy cot quilt

Hope you’ve enjoyed number 8 – another  easy cot quilt done, what next? check my next easy cot quilt elephant with pinks and green.