Pretty fairies in pink easy cot quilt

A lot of my girlfriends were becoming grandmothers so I needed very little reason to stop making an easy cot quilt You might wonder why I’m making them? Well one reason is that I enjoy having to think creatively and another reason is that I love the hand quilting bit, especially in winter or on cold nights…nothing like having a quilt on your lap and sewing away.  I’m sure there is also another reason but at the moment I am very much enjoying the journey.

Being sensitive to the fact that some people may not want a cot quilt I asked Barb to check with her daughter.  Not only was she thrilled by the idea, but Barb had had some beautiful curtains made for her granddaughter’s room and she has saved what was left over.  Now all I had to do was work out a design and decide on the rest of the material I needed to complete this easy cot quilt.

The material had these lovely fairies on a pink background.  So I carefully cut as large a square as I could and managed to get about 6.

Easy cot quilt

Easy cot quilt 7 Fairies on pink

Easy cot quilt number 7 – the back

And here’s the back of this fun easy cot quilt.  This time I had really run out of time as I’d been away on holidays, so I decided to machine quilt this one.  In fact it was the right decision as the material, being of curtain thickness, would have been hard to hand quilt.

Easy cot quilt 7 detail

Easy cot quilt 7 detail

So there is easy cot quilt number 7, hope you like it and that it’s given you some ideas – next easy cot quilt