Zoo animals in soft colours – easy cot quilt number 2

Hardly had a week gone by since I’d had my ‘dream’ about making easy cot quilts, that a work colleague rang to share some wonderful news.   Yes they were expecting!  Ok great thought I,  I was well on the way to making those 4-5 quilts.

With this easy cot quilt,  I decided to ask my friend what colours she preferred.  As she was a work colleague, in a different state, I had not been to her house so had no idea of her colour preferences.  It turned out she likes soft colours.

I took out my graph paper and started doodling designs knowing that I wanted to use some of the zoo animals I already had.

Then it was off to purchase the material and have some fun making it.

easy cot quilt 2

Easy Cot Quilt 2



For this easy cot quilt the challenge for me was what to do with the border.  What type of pattern should I sew and where to find some examples.  I searched books, bought some of them as well as searched the internet.  Once I found one I didn’t think was going to be too hard I had the problem of how to make the pattern  fit the quilt.  Egg cups provided the solution with a bit of a stretch in the corners….you just don’t notice!

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