Easy cot quilt with baby elephants.

I needed to make an easy cot quilt for a friend of my son Andrew.  The mother is Japanese and the father Swedish.  As I had just finished to easy quilt for my great niece Ruby I had quite a bit of material left over so decided to use that for this particular cot quilt.  Do click on the link to read all about that single bed easy quilt.

Easy cot quilt As you can see what I had a lot of was the beige colour and as we didn’t know the sex of the baby at that point in time I felt that it could suit a boy or girl.

I then wanted to incorporate my elephant theme, which you will have seen on a number of my quilts by now.

I had great fun making it and it was well received!




Detailed view of easy cot quilt baby elephant.

Here is a more detailed view of the baby elephantEasy cot quilt with baby elephant and Japanese fabric.  As you can see I do blanket stitch around the elephant.

The quilt was made up of similar shaped rectangles with the middle pair being different width.  I could have made them the same but choose not to.  Basically I worked out what I had as material and made the quilt fit 🙂  You’ll also notice that the top and side red panels use different material.  Again I made what I had fit the quilt.

I use an iron on fabric to stick the applique onto the quilt and then I sew around the edge with a blanket stitch using a contrasting Perle thread.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.  If you have any questions on easy cot quilts or this particular one, do please drop me a comment.

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