Pink & white with grey elephants easy cot quilt

I had such fun with this easy cot quilt.  I loved the colours in easy cot quilt 11 so decided to use the same combination of colours with this one with just a couple of changes – the grey and the green.   This was a special one for my girlfriend’s daughter over in UK.  I had made the yellow and grey cot quilt for her first born a boy, and now she had a girl and I was going to use pink!! Pink and pink!!!  My favourite combination is pink and green….just like beautiful roses!!  I just don’t use it enough!!


For the back of this easy cot quilt I used a polka dot material.  This had a white background with pink and green polka dots.  And I used the same for the border…you can just see a small bit of it on the bottom left hand corner of the photo.

Easy cot quilt tips

If you like having a theme, like my elephant, just make a template of it and you can reuse as often as you want.

Use material to make the impact of your quilt without having to buy lots of different one.  In this easy cot quilt there are only 4 different materials.  Check out my next easy cot quilt number 15.