Zoo Animals easy cot quilt in bright primary colours

Another special baby on it’s way, another easy cot quilt on it’s way too.  The 3rd grandchild for a girlfriend.  I decided to make the zoo animals again as I love all those polka dot zoo animals and it would help to use up some of my stash!!

easy cot quilt 12 polka dot zoo animals

polka dots and zoo animals easy cot quilt

You could be mistaken in thinking that all three of the quilts I made using the same design are the same.  In fact they are not.  There are subtle differences in the colours used for the animals as well as the differences in the horizontal rows.

Tips for this easy cot quilt

The great thing with this quilt is that having made stencils out of each of the animals it was easy to reuse them… and why not.

I apologise for the mediocre photo, eventually I do get better with the more recent easy cot quilts, promise, but you have to wait for quite a few more to be loaded.  Link to easy cot quilt 13

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