Cot quilt in pinks and greys

Cot quilt in pinks and greys

Baby girl cot quilt in pinks and greys

Two of my favourite colour combinations for a cot quilt is pink and grey and the other combination I like is green and pink.

Here is a quick and easy cot quilt I put together for a friend’s new baby girl in England.  I choose to make some large rectangles using the pinks and greys I had and to separate them with white.  I then hand stitched, using a grey perle every white rectangle. This is the part I really enjoy doing as it’s so relaxing.  In fact, at the time I was making this one and another, was when a friend was in hospital.  I would sit there and sew whilst she drifted in and out of sleep.

Easy Cot Quilt




Cot quilt reverse side

For the back  I used a cute patterned material and finished off with a plain pink border.  Check out the photo at the top of this page.   I really like the freshness of this cot quilt!

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