Cot quilt care instructions

To ensure the long life of your beautiful handmade cot quilt, please follow my cot quilt care instructions.

All my cot quilts are made out of 100% cotton material.  Caring for your cot quilt is as important as the love and effort you put into making them.  The batting I have used so far has been wool until I discovered bamboo.  Cot quilts made with bamboo are much lighter than those made with other battings, in fact you can hardly believe you have any batting in them.  I use cotton thread for the machine sewing and Perle cotton for the hand quilting.

The material is washed prior to cutting to allow for any shrinkgage.  Nothing worse than finding your cot quilt has changed shape or puckered because you forgot to prewash the fabric.

When not in use it’s also important to take care when storing your quilt. This should be done properly to avoid crease lines forming that may fade the material on the fold or not come out.

Cot quilt care – washing tips:

  • Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Line dry your cot quilt away from direct sunlight as over time the vibrant colours may fade.
cot quilt care

Beautiful material drying.

Cot quilt care – storage tips:

If you have received one of my quilts it’ll be wrapped in acid free tissue paper.  Don’t throw this paper away as it will help preserve your quilt when not in use.

Roll your quilt around a cardboard tube (check your local Spotlight or fabric store as they usually are more than happy to give you some).   This will stop any crease lines forming.  If you can’t get hold of a tube make sure you unfold the quilt and refold a different way a few times a year.

Cot quilt care – keeping bits of material

Just in case….the unexpected happens….and you need a piece of fabric to repair a cot quilt…make sure you save some pieces.  A good way to store them is in one of those plastic shoe boxes.

I hope these cot quilt care instructions on will make it easy for you to now care for your beautiful baby cot quilts for years to come.