Cot Quilts Animals in blue & green

Am so excited, another easy cot quilt to make for a family member!  Remember easy cot quilt number 9? I made that for a family baby girl.  Well isn’t she lucky her mummy and daddy very cleverly  had a baby boy a few years later.  Now I have to mention that they live in the UK so it’s was great that I was planning a trip over to the UK so I could send it to them from there and save on postage costs.

Baby boy easy cot quilt 17

Baby boy easy cot quilt

So I decided to use the same pattern I used in easy cot quilt 16, as I really liked it and as it was easy it would ensure I had it ready in time to take with me.  And doesn’t it look so different in this material?

In this quilt we have a range of animals, from whales to elephants and giraffes.  Mixed in with the animals are tear drops.  I like the way the orange just gives it a lift.  The fabric is by Alexander Henry and come in a range of colours.  I fell in love with them when I saw them.

You can see how having an easy design can look so different when you use different materials, hence why it’s so great to use the same pattern more than once.

Easy cot quilt – block

Ok so how is this made up?  Basically it’s made up of squares and rectangles.  There are 3 strips of wide squares and rectangles, separated by thin rectangular strips.  To find out more wait till I’ve got my book/pdf on offer.

If you’re working full time this particular quilt shouldn’t take more than 2, max 3 weeks to complete in.

Tip for making an easy cot quilt

Keep the design simple and let the material do all the talking.  Below is a close up of some of the panels.  I really think this is my most favourite easy cot quilt design so far.

Baby boy easy cot quilt

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