If you’ve landed on this page, welcome!

I love to make quilts – baby quilts, easy cot quilts, children’s quilts and adult quilts. Are you looking to buy a hand-made quilt for a loved-one, or for yourself? I’d love to chat with you to work out what ideas you have in mind, and to see if we can work together on making an extraordinary hand-quilted memory for you or someone else of your choosing.

Pricing of Hand-made Quilts on Commission

Prices for hand-crafted, hand-made quilts will vary depending on:

  • cost of individual fabrics used
  • amount of each type of fabric
  • the complexity of the design (more complex designs take longer therefore cost more)
  • hours taken to make the quilt
  • prices start at $A295.00 for a baby cot quilt, using standard fabric (please ask to view fabric styles and designs).

If a quilt is over a certain size, it will be too large and too time-consuming for me to finalise on my own, so I have the finished quilt stitched by machine, at an additional charge.

“So Anca — just how long DOES it take to make a quilt?”

I’m so glad you asked! I often get enquiries from people who have seen one of my hand-made quilts at someone’s home, but for some reason they think the price might be less than $100.00. You can certainly buy quilts for much less than that — but they’re not made by hand, with love, by a craftsperson. They’re often made in a factory where they churn out a quilt every few minutes.

My process includes:

  • discussing the fabric types, colours, textures with my Client (you)
  • creating a “pattern” in order to work out how much of each fabric will be required
  • buying the relevant fabrics
  • cutting the metres of fabric into the required smaller pieces (which depends on the complexity of the design chosen)
  • machine-stitching each small piece of fabric to the next pieces in the design
  • handstitching a series of quilt squares in every row of squares on the quilt (depends on the design)
  • every square, seam, row gets ironed along the way
  • when the whole quilt is finished, hand-stitched and the hand-made label is attached, it is washed and ironed for the last time
  • the absolute minimum amount of time this takes:
    • for the smallest Baby Quilt is 8 hours
  • but I don’t do this in one go, as it’s better for me to take breaks and do this over several days
  • I’m sharing all of this with you to help you understand the amount of time and care which is taken when I create a beautiful quilt for a Client.

If you’d like to chat with me please follow this link to my Contact page. or phone me.