About Anca Tilea and my Baby quilt adventure

My adventure in making baby quilts started early in 2007.  I had a dream that I was going to make 4-5 baby quilts.  What fun!  It had to be easier than the 2 queen size quilts I’d previously made.

Hardly two days passed before my nephew announced he and his partner were expecting their very first child, how exciting! But what to make?  I needed ideas.  The Melbourne Quilt show was on at the time so a quick dash in to the Exhibition Centre, to focus on the book stalls only, should provide me with some  ideas.

Now a quilt show is a dangerous place to be.  There is no such thing as a ‘quick dash’ or ‘just a book’.  That visit I came away with 2 books, 3 patterns, a heap of fat quarts (well you always need a stash) and a special quilting thimble!

Five cot quilts later I realised that, although smaller than a queen sized quilt, they were still a bit of work.  I worked out that I needed about a month per  quilt, depending on how busy I was with my day job and how complex the quilt was.

It was whilst making quilt 10 & 11 that it dawned on me that it wasn’t 4-5 quilts but 45 I was going to make!!  Yes 45.  I don’t mind one bit. I love making the cot quilts and I love seeing the joy in peoples faces when they receive them.  And if there’s a lul the babies keep on coming, eventually.

So I’m going to share with you my journey my quilts, throws and other items.